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Cardlytics - Purchase Intelligence

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Use purchase intelligence to eliminate the guesswork and drive results

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Real insights from real bank customers

Through our partnerships with banks, we have insight into actual bank transaction data for over 179M consumers.

We see 1 out of every 2 card swipes in the US and analyze this data to develop actionable insights based on a complete understanding of where, when, and how people buy.

Absolutely no personally identifiable information (PII) is passed between Cardlytics and our bank partners—it’s all anonymous.

Our Purchase Intelligence is built on customer transaction data

Where they buy

Where they buy

  • The merchant
  • The industry & category
  • The channel they buy from
  • The store’s location
When they buy

When they buy

  • The exact time and day
  • How recently
  • How frequently
  • The season
How much they spend

How much they spend

  • The transaction amount
  • The merchant’s share
  • Customer spending patterns
  • Customer loyalty

Identify opportunity through Purchase Intelligence

With powerful AI and dozens of analysts taking a fresh look at where and when customers buy both online and in-store — we answer questions that inform business decisions


“Because of the strong ROI and precise targeting, Cardlytics stands out from other programs that we’ve used in the past. They ultimately deliver more value than other partners.”

Daniel Lane Director of Retail Marketing, Clarks
Cardlytics Ad Platform
Reach Real People

Create a tipping point to win the next sale

Our native ad platform in banks’ digital channels reaches consumers as they manage where they’ll spend and save. When customers weigh whether to buy from one store or another, relevant, targeted offers can change their purchase decisions.

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Measure Results

Measurable sales eliminate the guesswork

With access to bank transaction data, we close the loop between ad impressions and real world sales. We report the actual impact of campaigns both online and in-store so that marketers can accurately gauge their incremental return.

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Cardlytics Campaign Measurement

Research & Insights