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Reach over 179M bank customers to drive incremental sales

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Gain market share - See Quote

Gain Market Share
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“Our restaurants are getting significant traffic from Cardlytics. Seeing details on the impact of our campaign — what consumers are spending and how much traffic that’s driving — is groundbreaking.”
All-American Fast-Food Chain

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Acquire new customers - See Quote

Customer Acquisition
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“Cardlytics is an important partner because they provide both an efficient way to attract new customers and analytics that power our future marketing decisions.”
Themed Monthly
Subscription Box

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Increase loyalty - See Quote

Customer Loyalty
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“The Cardlytics user is outperforming our baseline user in almost every single metric we track. They’re watching more content and renewing their monthly subscriptions much longer.”Live TV Streaming Platform

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Drive omni-channel sales - See Quote

Omni-Channel Sales
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“With Cardlytics, we’re reaching new customers and are not limited in where we drive them to shop – whether it’s online or in-store, the consumer can shop however they choose.”

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Engage customers in a one-of-a-kind native ad platform

We integrate ads within online, mobile, and email channels at top banks in the US & UK. Customers browse ads to plan where they’ll spend and save.

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Develop strategies based on where, when, and how customers buy

Through our partnerships with banks, we have a complete view of consumer spend both online and in-store. This Purchase Intelligence is the foundation of how we target and measure all our campaigns.

We see
card swipes in the US
Which works out to be more than
in consumer spend every minute
Identify Opportunity

It all starts with actionable insights

  • Where am I gaining and losing share?
  • Where are my customers shopping when
    they’re not shopping with me?
  • Are my loyal customers really loyal?
  • What’s my real headroom for growth?
  • How fast are disruptors threatening my category?
Gaining and losing 11201 10038 11211 11237 11385 11221 11378 30309 10002 10009
Where else are my customers shopping Retailer 1 Retailer 2 My Store Retailer 3 Retailer 4
Loyal customers Purchasesfrom yourstore Purchasesin thecategory
Headroom for growth

All campaigns are based on an understanding of where and when customers buy both online and in-store

Learn more about how we identify opportunity
Cardlytics Ad Platform
Reach Real People

Native ads engage real customers, not bots

Bots don’t have bank accounts. Ads only reach verified adults who are actively managing their money.

With targeting based on past purchase history, ads on our platform provide real value to customers and act as the critical tipping point for a purchase.

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Measure Results

Reporting measures the actual sales impact

Close the loop with real transaction data. We measure campaign performance, reporting online and in-store sales down to the penny.

Best-in-class test vs. control proves the incremental sales impact of our campaigns. Results can also be independently verified by Nielsen Sales Lift Measurement.

Learn more about how we measure results
Cardlytics Campaign Measurement

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It works...

We highly value Cardlytics’ consistent incremental return, which is a testament to the size and scale of the platform. Cardlytics is one of our strongest performing partners to drive customers into our restaurants.”

Justin Unger Director of Strategic Partnerships, Dunkin’

Because of the strong ROI and precise targeting, Cardlytics stands out from other programs that we’ve used in the past. They ultimately deliver more value than other partners.”

Daniel Lane Director of Retail Marketing, Clarks

No other company we’ve worked with has been able to prove incremental improvements in ROI, and we attribute that to Cardlytics’ powerful purchase insights.”

Aubrey Judson Director of Paid Acquisition, Saatva

Cardlytics’ unique targeting capabilities ensure we can acquire new customers and redirect competitive spend to Marriott. The customer experience means that there is no perception of discounting for our brand.”

Lauren Profeta Portfolio Partnerships Manager, Europe, Marriott Hotels

Through working with Cardlytics, Sky has been able to target relevant prospective customers using Purchase Intelligence. The programme continues to drive significant volume of incremental new customers.”

Nathan Conduit Commercial Director, Sky TV

Cardlytics is an important partner because they provide both an efficient way to attract new customers and analytics that power our future marketing decisions.”

Senior Marketing Manager,
Themed Monthly Subscription Box

We’re a trusted partner for the largest banks in the US & UK

Chase Bank Bank of America Wells Fargo PNC Bank Regions Bank Suntrust Bank BBVA Bank NCR Fiserv Lloyds Bank Halifax Bank of Scotland

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