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Cardlytics Financial Services & Bank loyalty program marketing
Reward your customers

Deepen bank loyalty with a program that helps customers save on everyday purchases

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Personalized offers Plan spending and saving Simple click or tap to activate Earn rewards Mobile device

Deliver offers through our easy-to-use platform

  • Personalized offers on their bank’s homepage pique customers’ interest
  • Customers browse offers and plan where they’ll spend and save
  • A simple click or tap activates offers
  • When customers use their bank card, their rewards are automatically deposited into their bank accounts

We’re a trusted partner for the largest banks in the US & UK

Chase Bank Bank of America Wells Fargo PNC Bank Regions Bank Suntrust Bank BBVA Bank NCR Fiserv Lloyds Bank Halifax Bank of Scotland

Give back with data-driven rewards

Our personalized offers program delivers meaningful rewards across banks’ digital channels. We use purchase history to target offers and save your customers money based on where they shop.

Data driven rewards
Total rewards paid to customers

Engage customers across banks’ online, mobile, and email channels

Our platform integrates seamlessly into banks’ digital channels

Laptop screen with offers in banking website Mobile phone with banking app showing offers Tablet displaying email offers
  • 179M
    Bank customers on our platform
  • 17%
    Increase in digital banking logins after customers activate their first offer
  • 13%
    Increase in monthly card spend after customers earn their first reward

Secure technology built for banks

Our technology does the heavy lifting

Bank-class security

Built with privacy-by-design, we target relevant offers without any personally identifiable information.


We offer banks a hosted solution to make implementation, maintenance and upgrades simple.

24-7 Support

Our tech support team is available around the clock to ensure a flawless customer experience.